About Us

Welcome to Boost Body!

We are a boutique personal training gym harnessing the power of EMS to give you the workout of a lifetime. Here at Boost Body we strive to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit: pushing forward to learn and press for progression. We take opportunity into our own hands, establishing our own destiny and realizing our place in the community of fitness providers. Boost understands that its customers are health conscious, but have busy lives and may have limited time for exercise.

Unlike our competitors, we offer 20 minute workouts that are proven to reduce body fat and build muscle. Boost Body is the first EMS personal training facility in Buffalo NY.

The business is a Limited Liability Company owned by John Chebat and Danielle Chebat, and operated by Arianna Nentarz. Boost Body is headquartered in Buffalo, NY with two locations. Our Elmwood studio is located at 142 Bidwell Parkway on the corner of Bidwell and Elmwood in Blink Beauty Bar. Our Hertel studio is located at 1345 Hertel Avenue inside Natura Skin Boutique.

Market Leader

As we begin to imagine what Boost Body can be in the future, EMS technology is still largely unknown in the U.S.. Now, as we open our first facility, we plan to collaborate with our clients and field experts to refine our knowledge and develop the market. Our dynamic business model allows us to grow and adapt with the ever-expanding market.


As an ally to our client’s fitness journey and lifestyle, we strive to be accessible and provide quality service. Boost Body upholds the highest standards of client satisfaction and support by understanding the needs of our clients.

Pushing the limits

By utilizing our depth of resources, including fitness professionals and science, we regard ourselves as a pioneer of the EMS industry in the United States. We are pushing to develop an agenda of safe and sustainable EMS training to advance our clients’ fitness experience.


Providing our clients with safe and effective workouts is a top priority of ours. Boost strives to deliver a high-quality experience to all of our clients, creating a fun and comfortable environment for our clients and staff members.

Our Mission

Guided by a relentless focus on our core values;

  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Cleverness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity

we will create a culture of excellence built on a foundation of entrepreneurs who embody the leadership spirit.

Boost Body will work diligently to inspire excellence in its leaders – truly our greatest asset.  By doing so, leader after leader will emerge regardless of which city we enter, to seek us out as they will desire to partner only with the best of the best.  Boost Body will insist our core values are our cornerstone.  By doing so, we will be setting a foundational standard for ourselves; a standard that others will look to for guidance in years to come.

Our Vision

We want to establish EMS Personal Training facilities nationwide as a recognized, trend-setting form of exercise. We envision educating people to make a permanent and universal behavior change - towards a more functional and efficient lifestyle. In order to accomplish this, we must build a sustainable business model that embodies our mission as the foundation on which we, together with our customers and partners, can establish a new market segment within the U.S. fitness industry.


John Chebat

John Chebat

I grew up in the west side of the queen city and from a very early age, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I always imagined myself running many companies and making a difference in this world.  I believe this spirit was embodied in me from birth.  Many of my family members carry the same mindset for business.  I hope someday the tradition continues with my kids.

I am a family man, as well as a hopeless romantic.  My hobbies include outdoor sports such as football, baseball, golfing, and skiing.  I am an adrenaline junkie. I challenge myself each year by doing something extreme such as running a marathon, climbing a mountain, skydiving, or jumping off a waterfall in the middle of the rainforest in Costa Rica.

I enjoy reading and learning.  My favorite subjects include History, Science, Biographies, and Self-Improvement. I am also in awe of the nature of our Universe and the beauty of the world that our Maker created.  I believe in God, and in miracles.

My hope is that I make the world a little bit better than what it was when I got here.  It starts by making myself serviceable to others.  So, to you I offer a new and profound way of making your life a little better.  I hope you feel as I do, that our life was a little bit better today, because our paths crossed.

Danielle Chebat

As the owner and co-founder of Boost Body, physical fitness has always been my passion.  In high school I thrived at every sport I played. Now, I am constantly pushing myself to new heights to achieve my goals and meet my personal high standard of healthy living. I studied physical education and health sciences at Canisius College where I became President of the Honor Society with a 4.0 Grade Point Average during all four years of college. I am always active, especially during my leisure time which I spend skiing, biking, and golfing. I find EMS, Yoga, and Pilates to be most enjoyable for my workouts and I spend quality time with my family traveling all over the world.

I am a loving mother of three. I married my soulmate and Co-founded Boost Body with him. We work diligently to keep an active and healthy lifestyle for our family. We hope that our enthusiasm for healthy living is passed on to you as we hope to share what we’ve learned to improve your life.

Danielle Chebat
Arianna Nentarz

Arianna Nentarz

My name is Arianna Nentarz. I am a trainer and manager at Boost Body. I recently graduated from the University of Rochester with a BS in Neuroscience. My family roots heavily in the health and fitness industry, my mother being a nurse and my father a physical therapist. Under their guidance and encouragement, I’ve gained an interest in perfecting the fundamentals of bodily integrity and functional training. Afterall, my dad has been emphasizing the importance of a strong core to me since birth! I became interested in the opportunity that EMS presented while studying the basics of neuroscience. When I heard about the work that Boost is doing, I was immediately drawn to their company and mission. I am excited to be part of Team Boost and I look forward to helping you, my client with your health and fitness journey.