Our Principles

Physical Strength
Builds Mental Strength

Your mind and soul may benefit from working out in the gym if you approach it correctly. Putting in the time and effort to build strength is an excellent way to develop character traits such as Perseverance and facing failure head-on, and a sense of accomplishment is only achieved through hard work.

Life Is Hard
Prepare Yourself Accordingly

We don't want life to be easy; instead, we want to become stronger every day, inside and out, so that we can face whatever comes our way with confidence.

You Are the Product
Of Your Habits

Developing good habits every day is the key to success. You don't need endless willpower to do things when you've developed strong, long-lasting habits. You don't have to think about it.

You Are Stronger
Than You Think

It's easy to limit your full potential by starting from scratch. However, we know the genuine potential is far more than what we perceive achievable. We show ourselves and our past selves daily that we are more powerful than we believe.

Perfect Is the
Enemy of Good

When perfection is your goal, anything less is considered a failure. We recognize that pursuing perfection is a fool's errand, so we strive to be better each day than the previous one. We gain further by striving to be better than by failing to be perfect.

Be A Source of Truth

There is a lot that isn't true in the world, whether it's disinformation or well-intentioned ignorance. For the sake of others and ourselves, we chose to raise truth to the greatest of values.

Live Purposefully

No one can give you a sense of purpose; you must find it for yourself. A mentality you choose to adopt is the frame of reference through which you see the world. Because we recognize that purposeful action leads to a meaningful existence, we choose to live deliberately with urgency and conviction in everything we do.